Saturday, August 20, 2011

Randamoozham- Tale of the so called Fat Dumbo

It was really long since I read a Malayalam Book, so grabbed ‘Randamoozham’ as soon as my eyes landed on it. For the unknown, Randamoozham is a book written by M.T depicting Mahabharatam from Bheeman’s perspective. I am no one to judge which version is the truth, but loved the view from a different angle. Having heard mahabharatham and Ramayanam a zillion times from Apoopan, I thought I knew them well enough. Of course it was about 20 years ago that I used to fall asleep in amoomas bed listening to these epics. Similar to the song 4 u shows that we see around, i could choose which part of the story i wanted to hear and he would narrate it in great detail. Arjunan emerged as the superstar in all those stories and I adored him. The part where prince Utharan goes for war with Duryodanan, but gets scared when he reaches there and Arjunan who was in disguise as Brahanala fights for him and wins the war was my favorite. I would ask apoopan for that story again and again, he would describe it every time patiently with the same enthusiasm. Its been about 10 years since his demise. I miss him.
Yet, I had forgotten many parts of the story and when I read the book it gave me this peculiar pleasure of reviving some faded childhood memories. I had read in one of Amir Khans interview that he thinks Mahabharatam has the potential similar to The LOTR. Im not commenting on that as yours truly is yet to watch LOTR [embarrassed]. But this is one hell of a story. Last week if someone had asked what its about I wouldve told .. there lived some bros and they all wanted the country and they fought for it. Random stuff i remember from the book follows. < Spoiler alert >

Jeernavastrangal - Liked this particular chapter more where Krishnan during the war tells the brothers that human bodies are clothes for the soul and it is just these clothes which get destroyed. The soul remains. It chooses new clothes. Hence death doesnt matter. Krishnan is shown as a normal human being with flaws just like anyone else, and not as Lord Krishna. Nor has the author mentioned anything about Gita. Even though Krishnan gives this valuable advice, his nephews death saddens him. Bheeman realizes that preaching and practicing are different things.

Droupadi swayamvaram – Arjunan wins her. When they bring her home, Kunti [ without coming out of the house] asks them to share what they got. I knew this already. Then comes the twist. The brothers laugh off Kuntis “accidental” inappropriate words. But then yudishtiran doesnt let it go that easily. He claims that its a sin to disobey mother’s words. Realizing Yudishtirans secret desire, Bheemans outraged. Later Kunti confides that she told that on purpose and that it was essential for the brothers to stay united.

Family – Most of them have more than a wife. For Bheeman there is Hidumbi and Balandhara apart from Droupadi. Husbands donot keep track of their wives or kids. Most of their kids come to join them in the war and that is when fathers and sons meet for the first time. Bheeman feels guilty about all this.

Droupadis partiality-The Kalyanasougandikam saga’s quite famous. Bheeman finds the flowers discarded at a lake side after gifts her those [he undergoes quite some trouble to get them]. She loved Arjunan and Arjunan alone. She makes Bheeman promise that he wont let Arjunan face Jarasandhan for the inevitable fight. She comes crying to Bheeman when keechakan misbehaves with her, when her other husbands discard her concerns. Bheeman loves her and anticipates his turn for her, only to hear her let out Arjunans name in her sleep. At the end when all of them leaves for Vanaprastham [or Swargavasam] after a while of travel she collapses. Bheeman tells everyone, but they all leave her behind. Yudistiran replies that she doesnt deserve Swargam as her eyes were always on Arjunan even when she was being his Pattamaharshi for Rajasooyam. She has only Bheeman by her side during her last hours.

Dronacharyar- Another one who was favorably inclined towards Arjunan. He discourages Bheeman from practicing Asthra vidhya even though he was good at it , disagrees to teach Ekalavyan and demands his thumb when he fears Ekalavyan may become a threat to Arjunan. He doesnt allow Karnan to display his abilities for Abhyasaprakadanam as he is Soothaputhran.

Yudishtiran – is shown more as a loser than as The Dharma Raja. He is someone who believes in peace even if someone slaps him. He’s the reason pandavar loses their kingdom, he shamelessly bets even when droupadi is at stake. His brothers obey him throughout. But then finally arjunan blasts him well, thats the part where I started loving Arjunan again :D. Kurukshetra yudham is won mainly with Bheemans power and Arjunans excellence. At the end when only Duryodanan is left, yudishtiran challenges duryodanan to fight with any of the 5 brothers to win back his kingdom. The brothers are left speechless and Krishnan rolls his eyes.

Pitrthvam- Yet another shock.Like Bheeman I also believed that indran is arjunans father, vayudevan bheemans and so on. But at the end of the story there are some shocking revelations regarding the paternity. Yudishtiran confides in Bheeman that Vidurar is his biological father!

Karnan – He is better than Arjunan in archery. But he is denied opportunity at abhyasa prakadanam and at droupadi swayamvaram as he is soothaputhran [turns out that this is true biologically too]. Bheeman when he is about to kill Karnan during the war finds out the truth from his saradhi [I know.. too filmy]. Later on Karnan is killed by Arjunan in a non-Tendulkar way [err..I cant find the proper word..You know the wheel getting stuck on the mud story]

Khadolkachans death – Karnan had got special weapons from Gods and he had reserved it for Arjunan. But hes finally forced to use it against Khadolkachan. When Bheeman is overcome with fatherly grief, Krishnan calls for a celebration as the divyastram has got used up.

Kunthi- Shes quite chalaak, she understands kauravars tactics better than her sons. Shes partial towrds arjunan and even towards yudistiran upto some extent. You get a feeling that she has a heart of stone when you read the part where she tactfully made a tribal mother and 5 sons to stay in arakillam.. so that Duryodanan thinks that the Pandavar is dead. Yudistiran asks Bheeman to become the king, but Vidurar and Kunthi opposes this. By the end of the book youll be able to guess that this was due to Vidurars love for his son.

Abhimanyu- You will be able to identify this guy in every movie made on war. Someone who is young and charming, someone whom you love, but will be killed for sure in a heroic way. I guess all those characters were inspired from this little master. All other heroes are overshadowed by this boys charm. Bheeman is enthralled by his charisma and humility [so is yours truly]. He fights till his last breath and takes down many of his opponents before the merciless knowledgeable so called acharyas along with hundreds of soldiers attack the poor unarmed boy :-(

Now waiting eagerly for the Secret of the Nagas [Second book in the Shiva trilogy]. Ill get it tomorrow <:-P

Monday, June 06, 2011

Finally an explanation : Genetics !

The title of the post is one of my friends comment, upon hearing the below incident.
A few days ago..
Sheela ki jawani songs on tv. Amma watches very few hindi stuff, that too only when we compel her and hold her eyes open.[ How she manages to doze off within 10 mins, that too with our high pitched non stop gibberish around is something i never understand.] However this is one song she likes. After watching for a minute her as usual unanswerable doubts pop up.
Amma : Which is this heroine ? Kareena ?
Me : Katrina.
Amma : Her character in the movies mentally unstable or something ???
Me: I havent seen the movie. But I really dont think so.
Amma : Does she have that disease amir khan had in Gajni ??
Me [raising eyebrow]: Short term memory loss ? No. Where in world did you get that idea from???
Amma : Then why is she going around asking everyone 'Whats my name?' !!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


  • Never take anyone for granted. You never know whats going through the other persons mind.

  • Try not to be dependant on some one else. Learn to be self sufficient.

  • Dont expect everyone in the world to be like you. Once when my roommate freaked out coz she found out someone had suicided in our next room in the past , i told her "Imagine it was you or me who died. Will we come back to trouble innocent people ???" Eventhough this calmed her down, now I know this is not the analysing method i should use in all situations. There are lots of people better than you and much more worse than you. Dont assume just because you wouldnt do something, that others wont too.

  • Its impossible to figure out someone completely, or so I think. Or to put in a better way.. people change and forget to tell each other.

  • Mistakes are human. Learn from them. Learn to admit. Learn to apologize. Banish excuses.

  • It makes you a better and bigger person when you own up your mistakes. Running away from problems just delays it. You will have to face them again.

  • Misunderstandings if present, should be cleared at the earliest.

  • Your actions speak more than your words. They represent your character, your values and even your upbringing. So please think twice before you act.

  • When theres a conflict between your heart and brain, hear both out properly. I feel the heart always assumes things in a way which will not cause pain to it and tries to convince you thats true. Listen to your brains logic too, maybe the brain really had a point.

  • Agree to disagree. Respect each others differences and move on.

  • When life puts you in an unexpected difficult situation try not to panic. Try to think clearly and calmly. You may blow things out of proportion to an irrecoverable stage when you overreact.

  • Be considerate towards others feelings. Always try to think from the other persons persepective.

  • Express your feelings at the right time, be it love or anger. You shouldnt wait till the threshold where your anger bursts or deathbeds to show your love.

  • Know your duties and responsibilities. Being lazy is not an excuse.

  • Its easy to criticize people. You will not know the feeling until you are in their shoes.

  • It takes time to earn the good things in life,love or even a good word among people. While bad things happen easy and fast. Sometimes it doesnt appear fair, when something you earned through years is lost in seconds.

  • In the hard race of life, theres no room for the tender hearted. You need to be tough. Even if you arent life has its own ways of making you so.

  • Theres no use planning things in life. Man proposes, God disposes. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Last but not the least, practice what you preach .. sigh!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Loooooooooooong Time.. No see

Its been 2 years.. just happened to land here somehow.. Everything has changed, blogs,social networking sites,people... Been out of touch with so many things that were a major part in my life 2 years ago.. Feeling an emotional rush after coming back to this page after so much time.. But its been soo long since i wrote anything [not specific to blogs here] that im literally at a loss of words. Missing good old blogging days.. there used to be a time when u would keep refreshing page waiting for comments. Now I feel like someone whos accidently found their diary entries of chilldhood :D . Im glad i wrote all these good for nothing stuff once upon a time. Im glad I could know wat i thot 5 years ago.
I dont wanna miss this feeling after another 5 years. I wanna start blogging again. Maybe i will. On that optimistic note, goodnight.
Yours Truly

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Half century !

The poor li'l bloggy has been taking baby steps for the past 3 years. Finally she has reached her 50th post. Thanks to the lazy blogger!
The blogger wants to apologise to the bloggy dear,
-for being lazy to blog often enough(the blogger does realise that other blogs of bloggy's age has got some five times the number of posts bloggy has got..but whats there in the count,its the love that the blogger has got for the bloggy that matters *fluttering eyelashes*)
-for filling her[The blogger is assuming that bloggy is female] pages with whiny posts or stolen works or childish tags
-for not remembering bloggys birthday. In blogger's defense it was the blogspot who screwed up everything. Had it not shown bloggy's first post as third and created all the confusions, the blogger could know bloggys birthday for sure and celebrate it in style. You know, the blogger would've taken all the blog readers to the taj on the special day, had it not been for the stupid blogspot!
-for remembering each and everyone of the bloggers birthday and mentioning it in bloggy, despite forgetting the day the bloggy was born*embarassed*

The blogger started off to write an entirely different post. But since the blogger's heart is filled with guilt and realization about the injustice and negligence faced by poor bloggy, the whiny posts can wait! Here's a toast to my sweet stupid eccentric crackpot blog , to my pensieve!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Nursery Tag

I found this tag when i was surfing the blogosphere. Found it quite interesting. Let me see what comes to my mind first for each of the alphabets.
A-Amma, probably the first word i learnt as well :-)
B- Blogs???
C- Craziness, my inborn talent.
D- Dogs, because i am too scared of them. And no, i dont hate them. I know that they are the most sincere and the best friend man can have. Infact i love them too, from a distance:D
E- Errrrrrrrrr...nothing comes to my mind
F- F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yes, after 8 years I am still as crazy about the show as ever.
G- my sister,the first and worst enemy of my life :P
H- Homeo medicine. I forget to have them quite often. (Its for allergy and not for what you think :P)
I- do i even need to mention? As Geet says in JWM, Mein Apni Favorite hooon ;;)
J- Java, I loved it. Much better than C++ especially without the stupid pointers :P
K- Kartoos, my user name. (Hey 'you', remember? You had suggested it to me)
L- Love, the most divine feeling.
M- Maria,Meenu, 2 of my best friends.
N- Networks, my future??? Well,who am i kidding?
O- Optimism, I think i am developing it slightly
P- Pen, 18 years earlier if you had asked me i would have replied the same. Man,I need to improve my vocabulary(sighs)
Q- Quintessential :->(Well,I was determined not to say Queeen :P)
R- Rhymes, maybe coz i am doing the "nursery" tag
S- Saurav (just click the link if you need explanation)
T- my hometown :D . The only word i repeated 54238 times each and every day all the 7 months i was in mysore. My friends used to threaten me at knifepoint fed up of hearing the word. Its been 3 months since i got back, i still cant believe my luck and now i know what the word BLISS means.
U- You >:D<
V- We ;;) (I do chat a lot :-? )
W- Whine, something i used to do a lot(i said 'do' not drink :P)
X- Xmas , coz i dunno many words starting with X
Y- yawns
Z- that the only word i know for Z :-O. Ah, I know Zilch :-(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yet another stolen work to keep my blog alive :-D

One of my friends did this some years back. Accidently landed upon it today. I like it :-)

P.S : Sorry for posting it without your consent :D